Energy Saving Programs

Grays Harbor PUD is proud to offer an extensive portfolio of innovative energy efficiency programs designed to save energy and money in our community. Our programs are supported by a variety of regional entities, such as the Bonneville Power Administration and the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance. We hope you will be inspired to participate in our programs.

Residential Programs

Grays Harbor PUD offers a wide variety of residential energy efficiency programs aimed at helping customers improve the efficiency and the comfort of their homes. Our expert energy advisors are available to answer all your questions about home energy use and how you can best manage your usage.


Commercial Programs

Grays Harbor PUD can help our small and large business customers save energy through a variety of energy-efficiency programs and measures. Our goal is to make your business more energy efficient and more profitable.


Industrial Programs

With Bonneville Power Administration’s support, Grays Harbor PUD’s Industrial programs direct incentive dollars to industrial customers looking to improve their energy efficiency. Industrial energy efficiency experts are available to assess project potential, develop project details, and assure projects meet quality assurance standards once completed. GHPUD offers incentives to support operations and maintenance programs, strategic energy management initiatives, lighting efficiency upgrades, and custom project options.


Agricultural Programs

By saving energy, growers may be able to reduce costs, increase irrigation uniformity, decrease the amount of water and fertilizer required, and potentially even increase yield. GHPUD offers services and financial reimbursements to growers for eligible energy efficiency measures including irrigation hardware upgrades, irrigation pump testing, and lighting efficiency upgrades.