The PUD has multiple COVID-19 Assistance Program for customers who need assistance paying their bills due to economic hardships resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Disconnects for non-payment and late fees are currently suspended per Governor's Proclamation 20-23.7.

Many energy customers believe it is important to generate electricity in an environmentally friendly way.  To that end, your Grays Harbor PUD is proud to offer the utility’s Green Power Program, Harbor Green; a system which allows customers to support environmentally friendly, or green energy by purchasing blocks of renewable energy.  Each block is the equivalent of a 100 kilowatt hour (kWh) and can be purchased for $3 per block.

Currently your Grays Harbor PUD purchases renewable energy from wind, solar and biomass including the Nine Canyon Wind projects near Kennewick, WA, the biomass cogeneration at Aberdeen’s Sierra Pacific Industries and the Coastal Energy Project in Grayland. This energy is delivered directly into the Grays Harbor PUD electrical grid and delivered to our customers in the same way as energy from other sources.  By purchasing energy blocks from Harbor Green, you are supporting the PUD’s purchase of green energy from these sources.

For more information on signing up for Harbor Green, contact the Grays Harbor PUD Energy Service Department at 360-538-6383.