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Wednesday, 02 October 2013 15:38

Power outages happen. Sometimes it’s stormy weather that causes outages, sometimes it’s a car-pole collision, and sometimes it’s just an unfortunate squirrel or bird in the wrong place at the wrong time. Whatever the cause, your PUD will respond as quickly as possible, and you can help. The PUD is equipped with an automated system that allows us to track incoming reports of power outages. Here are some quick tips for using the Power Outage Hotline.

 • When the power goes out, call the Hotline number at 360-537-3721 or 1-888-541-5923.  Please do not use the Hotline number for customer service questions. For billing inquiries or general PUD business, contact customer service at 360-532-4220. 

• Listen to the latest information about current outages the PUD is already responding to. Because of automated systems at our substations, we are often aware of outages before being contacted by customers. Time estimates for restoration of power are general estimates and can change depending on conditions. The recording usually provides information only on major outages. Small-scattered outages may not be listed individually.

 • If you hear information on your outage, please hang up. Don’t leave a message (including questions regarding the cause of your outage or restoration time) if we already know about your outage, because it can cause delays in restoring power.

• If you don’t hear information about the outage you are experiencing, enter your home phone number when prompted by the system. The number you enter must match the phone number you provided as part of your account information with the Grays Harbor PUD, so it pays to make sure your account information is current. Please do not enter cell phone numbers or other phone numbers unless they are associated with your account at the outage address.

 • Once you have entered the phone number associated with your account, the system will automatically match the number to your home address and immediately alert our dispatch center that there is a new outage. Please don’t leave a message.

You should be aware that the early part of an outage is very busy for our System Control Center. Please don’t be discouraged if you don’t get to talk to a real person.  If you get a constant ring, that does not mean that we are ignoring you! It means our control center is being flooded with calls, and there are not sufficient lines available to accept your call. Please allow sufficient time to elapse before attempting to call for updates.  

Protect Your Sensitive Electronics  

It’s always a good idea to have surge suppression equipment between the electrical system and sensitive electronics like televisions and computers. If you experience an outage, you can further help protect sensitive equipment by unplugging it and waiting until power is restored to reconnect. (See the article in our August 2013 newsletter for more information on this topic.)

Storms and power outages are inevitable, but you can help to minimize the frustration and inconvenience by being prepared.

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