The Grays Harbor PUD Board of Commissioners today approved changes in the structure of the upper management at the District. The new structure calls for four Chief Officers reporting directly to the General Manager, with each overseeing the operation of different areas of the District. Under the old structure, various department heads and supervisors reported either to the General Manager or to the Assistant General Manager. The Assistant General Manager position is eliminated in the new system.

According to Commission President Russ Skolrood, the Board felt there was an opportunity to make the change while searching for a new general manager to fill the position vacated when former General Manager Rick Lovely retired in January. “We felt there was an opportunity to improve communication and gain efficiencies by restructuring,” said Skolrood. “We asked Interim General Manager Doug Streeter to come up with a proposal to accomplish those objectives.”

Under the new structure, former Engineering Manager Wes Gray will become Chief Operating Officer with responsibility for Engineering, Substation, Meter, Line, and System Control. Rob Hanny, former IT Manager, will assume the role of Chief Information Officer with responsibility for Information Technology and Communications, Records, Fleet/Facilities, and Storeroom. Doug Streeter will remain in his role as Chief Financial Officer, with responsibility for Accounting and Customer Service. Former Assistant General Manager Doug Smith will become Chief Administrative Officer with responsibility for Power Supply, Energy Services, and General Administration.

In addition to the four Chief Officers, the Human Resources Director, Safety & Environmental Director, Communications and Government Relations Director, and General Counsel will report directly to the General Manager. “We’re hopeful the new structure will allow for better communication across departments,” said Skolrood. “We wanted to put the new system in place prior to hiring the new General Manager, because we believe it will help define the skill set we’re looking for in that position.”