Beginning this month the Grays Harbor PUD is enhancing the Energy Services program it provides its customers. On Friday morning, a simplified Energy Services webpage, located on the Grays Harbor PUD website (, will allow customers to navigate program offerings more efficiently.

The transition to this new webpage is part of a larger effort that will transform the way Grays Harbor PUD customers access energy efficiency rebate programs.  By the summer of 2017, customers will be able to schedule energy audits, work with contractors, and submit applications and required documentation online.

“Along with providing a more efficient and user friendly experience, the new Energy Services system will allow the PUD to better design and more effectively implement the energy  efficiency programs offered to our customers,” said PUD Energy Services Analyst Jacob Henry.

In addition to the improved webpage, there will be an all new Online Energy Survey feature. This survey will allow existing customers to answer questions about their home and energy usage that will provide recommendations on how they can save energy and the PUD programs which will help them attain those savings.

For more information about the new Energy Services webpage, contact the PUD Energy Services office at (360) 538-6383 or online at


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