Beginning in March, the Grays Harbor PUD will be updating its website security to ensure that data passed between the PUD servers and a customer’s computer or mobile device remains private and secure.

As a result of this security upgrade, customers who use PUD online systems to pay bills or use other online features will need to ensure that their operating systems and mobile devices are compatible with the PUD’s new system.  The PUD has created a test website ( for customers to connect to from their computer or mobile device.  If the site loads without any issues, your operating system or device will support the new protocol. 

If the site does not load, customers that wish to continue utilizing our online services will need totake the following steps:

  • First try using a different web browser.  Options include Internet Explorer, Chrome, MozillaFirefox, Opera, Safari.  Some may be compatible while others are not.
  • Earlier phone models, tablets, etc. with older operating systems may not be compatible with the new protocol.  This includes flip phones and blackberries.
  • Update the operating system on their computer or mobile device.  Smart phones should be running the most current operating system and updated web browser software applications.  
  • Customers in need of assistance should contact a local Computer Services provider. 

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