A strong partnership between neighboring utilities is a benefit to the customers they serve.  Last month, the citizens of Aberdeen were the beneficiaries of such a relationship.  On December 20th, the City of Aberdeen Public Works Department and the Grays Harbor PUD came together to make repairs to the Fry Creek Pump Station helping avoid potentially damaging flooding to homes and businesses in West Aberdeen caused by high tides and storm runoff.  Last week, the Aberdeen City Council recognized the two entities for that cooperation and the impact it had on the community.

“The plan was carried out by public works and PUD crews on very short notice, requiring significant overtime and night work,” said City Councilwoman and Public Works Committee Chair Dee Ann Shaw.   “Their prompt and dedicated service made a huge difference.”

“The PUD came together like no agency has ever done for us,” said Aberdeen Public Works Director Rick Sangder.  “They were fantastic and the new system actually works better than the old one.”

“It benefits our customers and the community that we have a good relationship and work together,” said PUD Operations Director Steve Easton.  “People may not see it, but our crews are working together all the time.”

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