Most stories of animals getting too close to power lines end badly for the animal, which is what makes what happened over the weekend in Moclips so wonderful.  At 8:00 on Sunday morning.  Derek Hnilica and Aaron Wallin were called to the 2700 block of SR 109 by a report of a cat stuck at the top of one of the PUD poles.  When they arrived, they found the cat laying on a crossarm, 40 feet above the ground and just inches from live power lines.  According to neighbors, the cat had been up the pole for many hours and would not come down because of barking dogs in nearby yards. Working with dispatchers, the service crew was able to de-energize the lines (briefly affecting power to Pacific Beach and Seabrook) and reached the cat using the utility service truck.  Without suffering a scratch or bite, Hnilica was able to safely pluck the cat from it’s dangerous perch and return it to the relatively safe confines of terra firma proving beyond a doubt that the PUD’s outstanding customer service does not stop at two legged customers.

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