For over 30 years, PUD staff, led by substation and automation engineers have been working to bring all the utility substations under monitoring and control of the “supervisory control and data acquisition” or SCADA system.  On January 23rd they reached that goal.  With the update to the Central Park substation, all of the utility transmission and distribution substations can now be monitored and controlled by dispatchers in the PUD Power House.

“For our customers, this means we have the ability to do a faster diagnosis of issues on the utility system and to respond quickly,” said PUD Substation Engineering Supervisor Chris Eide.  

“This is a great moment for the PUD,” said Engineering Director Schuyler Burkhart.  “It’s the result of years of work by engineers, technicians, journeymen, and District employees who worked together to provide this very useful capability on our system.”

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