Telephone scammers are again targeting Grays Harbor PUD customers, threatening to shut-off their power if payments are not immediately made on accounts that they claim are delinquent.  PUD Customer Service staff have received several calls from commercial customers reporting they had been contacted by callers claiming to be with the PUD and demanding immediate payment. 

“If you receive a call from someone claiming to be with the PUD, call our customer service office to verify your account status before you make any payment,” said Customer Service Manager Katy Moore.  “These scams only work when people volunteer their personal information.”

Recipients of such fraudulent phone calls and mailings should under no circumstances agree to send money to the callers or give them bank account, credit card or other information. Rather, they are advised to contact PUD Customer Service at 360-532-4220 to verify the claim and to contact the office of their local law enforcement agency.


Due to technical issues, the Grays harbor PUD is unable to process electronic payments at this time.   PUD staff are working to fix this issue and appreciate your patience.

Evenly balancing expenses with revenues, the Grays Harbor PUD Board of Commissioners have approved a 2017 operating budget.  The $119.4-million budget features $8-million in capital improvements to the utility system and projects a customer rate increase of 4%.

“The Grays Harbor PUD is not driven by the need to turn a profit.  It is empowered by its customers to provide utility services at the lowest practical cost.  This budget accomplishes that mission,” said PUD General Manager Dave Ward.  “While this budget is short on flair and extravagance, it is a responsible budget that allows the utility to operate without dipping into reserves or incurring additional debt while still providing safe and reliable services.”

The capital portion of the 2017 budget will allow the utility to focus on the preservation of an already reliable infrastructure.  This will include the continued replacement of aging distribution and transmission lines and poles, work on the East Hoquiam Road system and Chehalis River Crossing towers and work on the Ocean Shores and Highlands substations. 

“Safety and reliability are at the heart of the PUD mission and as the trustees of that mission, it is our responsibility to ensure that our electrical and telecommunications system is properly maintained,” said PUD Board President Russ Skolrood.  “To put off important replacement and maintenance work is asking for trouble and our staff have done an excellent job of identifying and prioritizing the most pressing needs of our system for work in 2017.”

The utility anticipates a 4% increase in customer rates in the early spring of 2017.  The increase is necessary due to a number of issues including increased power supply costs, a continuing trend of warm winters which have impacted energy use and weakening surplus energy sales on the secondary market.  By delaying the increase until the spring, the utility will be able to monitor those conditions through the first months of 2017 to determine whether or not additional action is needed.

“While we are hoping for improving weather and market conditions, the cost of providing utility services is increasing,” said Skolrood.  “The utility has reduced capital costs, lowered staffing levels through attrition and implemented several cost saving measures.  In the end, we have arrived at a budget that evens expenses and revenues while still fulfilling the Grays Harbor PUD’s mission.”

Beginning this month the Grays Harbor PUD is enhancing the Energy Services program it provides its customers. On Friday morning, a simplified Energy Services webpage, located on the Grays Harbor PUD website (, will allow customers to navigate program offerings more efficiently.

The transition to this new webpage is part of a larger effort that will transform the way Grays Harbor PUD customers access energy efficiency rebate programs.  By the summer of 2017, customers will be able to schedule energy audits, work with contractors, and submit applications and required documentation online.

“Along with providing a more efficient and user friendly experience, the new Energy Services system will allow the PUD to better design and more effectively implement the energy  efficiency programs offered to our customers,” said PUD Energy Services Analyst Jacob Henry.

In addition to the improved webpage, there will be an all new Online Energy Survey feature. This survey will allow existing customers to answer questions about their home and energy usage that will provide recommendations on how they can save energy and the PUD programs which will help them attain those savings.

For more information about the new Energy Services webpage, contact the PUD Energy Services office at (360) 538-6383 or online at


Weather Update 10/15/16, 11:30AM

Good morning,

Updating you on the windstorm expected to impact PUD customers this afternoon and tonight.

Forecasters call for winds beginning to escalate right around noon-2pm today with the peak winds hitting around 5-8pm with the winds beginning to die down around 9-10pm.

The wind strengths are anticipated to be 30-40 mph, gusting on the coast at 65-75 mph and 55-60 inland (Montesano, Elma).  While the strongest winds will die down in the early evening, we are expecting strong winds to continue to hit the GH coast in the hours after the peak wind period.

We are stressing preparation.  Have flashlights and batteries, candals and matches, non-perishable food and water and battery operated radio at the ready.  Monitor the outage situation on Twittter @GHPUD or on Facebook under the page title Grays Harbor Public Utility District.  As this will be a fairly fluid event, these outage notification emails will be sent out hourly rather than as conditions change. 

If you see downed power lines, do not go near them.  Just because a line is on the ground does not mean it is dead.  Keep your distance and contact 911 at once.

If you use a generator, do not run it indoors.  Fumes are dangerous and can be deadly.

Be prepared and be safe.

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